Top 8 iPhone Apps for Criminal Justice Majors or Professionals

September 17, 2013

The technology is being used in various types of jobs these days. Even the private detectives, police officers and the professionals involved in criminal justice are also improving the productivity of their professions by using the technologies. You must make a good use of these technologies in developing your career if you are studying the tactics of criminal justice major or working as a professional in this field. Some of the top iPhone apps for criminal justice majors are discussed in brief in this article to help you choose one for developing your career and improving your productivity.
Top 8 iPhone Apps for Criminal Justice Majors or Professionals
1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanners Lite:
This app is used by the police to listen the live conversations on marine, railroad, or emergency radios. The information provided by this app about the current crimes happening in your area makes it more important for professionals involved in criminal justice majors. You can also get information about important news and event by running it in the background of the main network of your iPhone. In this you can also use your iPhone alongwith using this app.

2. LawStack:
Many important legal documents including Code of Federal Regulation, U.S Constitution, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, Federal Rules Civil Procedures, state regulation codes are contained in this app. Several other documents that can help the criminal justice majors and professionals are also included in it. Bookmarking, saved terms, offline access are some of the several other features of this app.

3. DUI Warning and the Test instruction:
The step by step instruction provided by this app help in conducting Field Sobriety test successfully charts provided in this app helps the criminal justice professionals determining the affect of alcohol on the blood alcohol level of the DUI accused. Several other instructions about on leg stand, walk and turn and horizontal gaze nystagmus are also provided in this app.

4. Black’s Law Dictionary:
This app is extensively used by the professionals in the field of criminal justice major due to the authentic legal information provided in it. Over 45,000 legal terms are provided in this standard dictionary of law. Some alternative spellings and expressions of some of the commonly used legal terms are also given in this dictionary which can be effectively used to teach the new professionals in this field.

5. CrimeReports:
You can get actual information about the crime committed in your neighboring area through this free application. You can search them by location, type of event and date through it. The list or map of the site of event on this app can provide you complete information about the event.

6. ReaddleDocs:
You can use this app to read documents collected from various resources like websites, iDisk, attachments on the emails and similar other places. MS documents including MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint etc. are better supported by this app. You can also share your files with your colleagues through this app.

7. Police Codes:
Various types of codes including police penal code, police code, medical and fire code, scanner color code alongwith various other codes provided in this app helps you in making their reference in some criminal suit. It can prove to be a great help in the project of your criminal justice major.

8. Court Days:
You can easily calculate the working days of the court even by customizing it with the holidays in the court. You can easily schedule your court days with the help of this app. You can also send these calculations through email to your friends through this application.

Thus these iPhone apps for criminal justice majors can help you in boosting your career in this field.

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