Top 7 Hotel Booking Android Apps

October 6, 2013

Traveling in the modern world today calls for proper planning and having vital information at finger tips. Smart phones have become traveling necessities; they make life simpler during travel. These devices, through the android market provides different applications that make it easier for the traveler to book flights, consider hotel reservations, best destinations and answer most traveler vital questions.
Top 7 Hotel Booking Android Apps
This article specifically looks at top 7 hotel booking android apps that everyone needs to install on their phones before leaving for their travel destinations. These android applications will enable one to choose the best destination and act as hotel booking advisory all the listed applications will work through Trip Planner wherever one is located.

Kayak Android App
Kayak is a must install android app and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play store. This application helps the traveler find that very much needed deal, it allows the users to compare prices and deals on based of available budget and amenity preferences. It allows us to reserve a room without making a call in hotel. Kayak android application further combines the rental car and the flight with the hotel booking. It is therefore a one stop shop for the traveler. Kayak android application has a mobile version. It indicates search results such as customer ratings and reviews address and shows the prices.

The Choice Hotels Android App
Choice hotels are designed from GPRS technology to assist the travelers locate hotels in the locality. The application filters the searches according to the user budget. The Choice Hotels a practical application, it assists the traveler identify the hotels within a given area it lists down the amenities and other vital information about the hotels.

Flight search and Hipmunk hotel
This application will literary save you from agony during travel. The application provides the easiest and fastest way to make hotel reservation. Have the chance to view the search results from a map design where additional features like hotel description, nearby landmarks and reviews are listed. Like Kayaka, Hipmunk Hotel and Flight Search can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It has easy to use interface. Hipmunk Hotel and Flight Search help the user to identify great deals and discounts from a huge list. But the most affordable quality hotel reservations are highlighted in green to make the user filter and narrow down to the best choice. Android Hotel App
This application specializes in reducing costs. It makes the users spend less on accommodations and have extra money for other adventurous activities. One only gets to pay entire stay accommodation fee.

The Expedia Hotels
Expedia is a free Android app. Browse and find the most suitable hotels, make bookings, cars, flights and much more about this intelligent app. This application allows users to leave their experience through the review section.

Ogada Hotel Booking Android App
Ogada is famous for the millions of reviews made by the early travelers. It also provides great cuts and discounts for last minute buyers of up to 50%.

Hotel Tonight Android App
The best place to get last minute deals for hotel reservations. This application makes it possible to make reservations to late night hours, until 2am. This application is frequently and repeatedly updates the supported cities. It has the famous social media platforms integrated to share travel experiences. Hotel tonight is available for Canada and uses travelers. It is also fast expanding to Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

With the vacation season just around the corner, it’s time to consider some of the best apps that will make it just a little more different and enjoyable. Have the Android apps readily installed in the smart phone in advance. These top 7 hotel booking android apps will no doubt make the vacation worth remembering.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Technology. She recommends Hotell Oslo Norge for providing best Hotels & Restaurants.

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