Smartphone Apps that Can Help You Go Green

October 1, 2013

Smartphone Applications in our phones have become an integral and valuable part of our lives. There are several apps in the iOS and Android market that have helped us solve many social, political and lifestyle issues and there are a few of them that help us take a greener approach to life. This is all more important today, considering the negative impact humans have on the environment. Now you can put your iPhone, Android or iPad to work for yourself and for the planet with these tried-and-true environmental apps.
Smartphone Apps that Can Help You Go Green
Even with the all the bins, bottle banks and recycling centers we have in our home, it can still be a mass of confusion trying to work out what can and can’t be recycled. iRecycle can stop you getting frustrated and throwing everything in the bin in a fit of rage! It lists over 250 materials that can be recycled as well as providing you with info on how you can recycle these items safely and responsibly.

Buying veggies from local farmers is something we should all try hard to do. Buying locally helps you get the best veggies and at the same time helps the environment as well. Locavore helps you do just that! It provides info on where you can source locally produced food.

Brain Cafe GeoQuiz
This is a highly entertaining app that helps you get clued up on climate change issues around the world. The app evaluates your geographical knowledge and gives you tips on adopting a greener lifestyle.

Green Outlet
This app helps you in reducing your energy bills and protecting the environment by telling you exactly which electronic appliances are draining your electricity resource. All you have to do is add your electronic items to your profile and it will give you a very good estimate of your electricity consumption. It helps you pinpoint the electronic device that is draining your resource.

UNEP Carbon Calculator
Ever wondered how much damage you are doing to the environment? This app helps you find this out. It lets you calculate the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is given off when you travel by car, train or by air. It can be really helpful in making amendments to your lifestyle.

Owning a successful vegetable patch can be a rather tough job, if you don’t know what to plant and how to nurture the plants properly. This app has tones of information about what can be planted in each season of the year and other tips to help you nurture the plants properly.

Eco Dice
All of us want to make the planet more eco-friendly but most of get overwhelmed by the endless list of things that we should be doing in order to live a greener lifestyle. This fun app is a virtual dice which will offer you one green task to carry out each day. This makes our task a lot simpler.

Light it Right
It can be very infuriating to walk around the home turning off all the lights that someone has left on. Light it Right app helps you teach your younger ones the importance of switching off the lights always.

Green Genie
It is a complete guide to a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. The app is filled with invaluable resources, tips and advises to help you kick start you’re ‘ Go Green Lifestyle’.

Good Guide
The world works on the principle of supply and demand. It’s true that we can make an impact on the world by buying the right products. Several products have toxins and other harmful substances as their ingredients which can negatively impact the environment. This app helps you in identifying the right products.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Technology. She recommends Environmental Data Resources for providing best environment related services.

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