PS-4 Facebook integration – Now Play games with friends

November 29, 2013

Playstation 4 is without a doubt a groundbreaking device that’s getting smart and smarter each time they release a new version. This year’s PS4 can be easily connected to the internet and transformed into a social gaming platform. Thanks to the newly added Facebook integration, you can now play your favourite games together with your closest friends. During your games you can chat and share things, so the whole experience will surely exceed your expectations.

Facebook collaborated before with Sony for PlayStation 3 as well as PS Vita, but the integration with the latest PlayStation version goes beyond anything they’ve done so far. Colin Creitz, Facebook engineer, says that gaming was once considered an individual activity on the PlayStation device. Nowadays we’re talking about social media madness, so that’s why the newly released PS4 has a Facebook sharing button on the controller. The player will be allowed to share screenshots and stills, as well various gameplay videos. You are also allowed to broadcast live, so they’re definitely proud for being able to come up with such pioneering improvements.

PlayStation 4 and Facebook – a valuable partnership

Ever since they first announced that the PS4 will be released, Sony talked about the future sharing abilities of the device. In February, during the announcement event, they emphasized that the online network of the console will be rooted in real-life relationships; that was also meant to include actual photos and names. The idea that PlayStation will allow players to link their Facebook accounts with the PS device took the gaming industry to a whole different level. At setup, the login to Facebook is not compulsory, so the player can always choose if he wants to play with friends or not.

Opt-in/opt-out for Facebook on PS4

You can connect your Facebook account to the PlayStation 4 the moment you connect your console to the web. There’s an option to log into the PS network with your Facebook account, so your name, friend list, and profile photo are automatically synced in. Needless to say, this opt-in connection to Facebook is optional. You can always go off the grid and log out of Facebook.

Why should players connect their Facebook account to the PlayStation 4 console? If you’re a real player and you want to share with the world how good you are, sharing the experience with others will certainly make them want to beat you. Playing with friends is an excellent way of socializing. Take videos of your gameplay, share them on your Facebook timeline, and let others know how skilled you are.

A pioneering integration option

The broadcast live option is without a doubt exciting. Facebook has additionally linked to Twitch TV, a live-streaming site, so as a proud PlayStation 4 owner you get to link to live streams on the social network as well. If you’re a game developer you can integrate the Facebook option into your games, and who knows maybe one day your closest friends will be your guides in the game.

PlayStation 4 – the improvements

The home screen of your PS4 has a feed created for your friends. It’s called “what’s new” and it will help you stay updated with the latest strategies. It reveals the games your friends are currently playing and when they’re streaming live. The feed is more like an informational wall that helps players interact and have the best time on their gaming device.

Thus far, Facebook and Sony are doing a great job at incorporating social media into the gaming experience. The newly developed integration and sharing button on the controller are certainly groundbreaking, and they will most likely revolutionize the industry once again.

Author Bio: The article is written by a full time blogger and freelance writer Jason Phillips. He loves to play video games and has played all the new games present in the market. He also works as a content writer with an online gaming site Airplane Games 365.


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