Popular and Interactive Intranet Features You May Want to Have

October 5, 2013

Pre-made features of intranet software and platforms are most of the time functional already. But then there are those who may find some feature annoying, immaterial and just a can-let-go part of the whole experience in the intranet.

A company may list down to you the features, the needed and the intranet functionality you may be trying to cover. In the talk of feature, list will go on and on, but then most of the time only a few of these features are used by organization’s users.

Social Collaboration

Why Intranets are Implemented

Intranets are first deemed to be the saving grace of most corporate companies that has experience a decline in their productivity due to the absence of communication among its users and employees. Different offices and employees may find it hard to be physically communicating due to many reasons.

And according to studies, intranets can be used by employees more than the management. Thus the idea has really come true; it will bind the organization through its workforce if implemented properly.

Now what are those top features that may make your intranet click? What draws in user and employees?

Top Five Features

Most of the time employees would seek information of their benefits, information of the jobs specially assigned to them, information and news, and connect in real time with their co workers.

1. Employee directory. In big companies, you may be shocked to find a long lost friend working in the same company with you because she is working three floors below your office. That’s where physical communication fails. The first rule in a successful company is to have well acquainted employees. A directory may have all necessary info, phone numbers, email and job descriptions. Thus it won’t take a week for you to check who you will be getting that paper you are needing.

2. Content repository. These feature includes anything and everything from simple sales data, marketing and sales tools, guidelines, policies, benefits legal documents. This functions as the search key. This would ensure that uploading plus downloading is easy as a breeze.

3. Forms. Downloadable forms are the soul of your work. Everything from simple forms to benefits’ forms you may find or print here or search and download.

4. Activity feeds. This is the forum where real communication starts. Of course a moderator is needed. Strict security should be ensured here too. This too should include up-to date updates and news and memos.

5. Tools that is interactive. Things such as calendars and key dates may be not that important to some but this may foster interaction as well. A wiki may also contribute a lot.

These features maybe all too absorbing but then a good level of security and permission will be greatly appreciated too. Plus this will keep everything moderated. So for now, try to improve these features if you already get them. Or if not, then try to include them next time. Plus another tip, always keep your governance and management team well versed on what they are doing, this will pay off later.

Author bio: Reggie is a database manager and freelance writer on several tech sites. He states that sharing best practices, news and tips will make the IT community into a more cohesive and professional environment. You can read more tips about cms, intranet features, cms system, cms web, intranet cms and more at Elcom Blog.

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