FingerLakes 3.5mm Microphone Assembly Mic for Car Vehicle Head Unit Bluetooth Enabled Stereo Radio GPS DVD

July 22, 2017
FingerLakes 3.5mm Microphone Assembly Mic for Car Vehicle Head Unit Bluetooth Enabled Stereo Radio GPS DVD

External Microphone Assembly For Car Radio Head Units With 3.5mm Input. Includes Microphone With 3M Cord, Visor Clip, Dash Mount & Foam Filter. Technical Details: Polar pattern: Omni directional 3.5mm connector Sensitivity:-30dB+/-2dB Frequency Range: 50Hz-20KHz Output Impedance: ≤2.2 kΩ SNR: >58dB Standard Operation Voltage: 4.5V Operation Voltage: 1.0V-10V.DC Wire Length: 3 m (9.84ft) For: Kenwood – KMR-M308BT, KMR-D562BT, KMR-D558BT, KMR-D362BT, KMM-BT312U, KMM-BT308U, KIV-BT901, KIV-BT900, KDC-X998, KDC-X997, KDC-X996, KDC-X995, KDC-X994, KDC-X898, KDC-X897, KDC-X896, KDC-X895, KDC-X798, KDC-X797, KDC-X796, KDC-X697, KDC-X696, KDC-X695, KDC-X599, KDC-X598, KDC-X597, KDC-MP362BT, KDC-BT958HD, KDC-BT955HD, KDC-BT952HD, KDC-BT948HD, KDC-BT855U, KDC-BT852HD, KDC-BT848U, KDC-BT762HD, KDC-BT758HD, KDC-BT752HD, KDC-BT742U, KDC-BT652U, KDC-BT648U, KDC-BT645U, KDC-BT562U, KDC-BT558U, KDC-BT555U, KDC-BT362U, KDC-BT358U, KDC-BT318U, KDC-BT310U, DNX9990HD, DNX9980HD, DNX9960, DNX9140, DNX8120, DNX771HD, DNX719VHD, DNX7190HD, DNX7180, DNX7160, DNX7140, DNX7020EX, DNX7000EX, DNX6990HD, DNX6980, DNX6960, DNX6190HD, DNX6180, DNX6160, DNX6140, DNX6040EX, DNX6020EX, DNX6000EX, DNX571EX, DNX570TR, DNX5180, DNX5060EX, DDX896, DDX8901HD, DDX814, DDX812, DDX790, DDX771, DDX7701HD, DDX770, DDX719, DDX714, DDX712, DDX616, DDX5901HD, DDX491HD, DDX471HD, DDX470, DDX419, DDX418, DDX372BT, DDX371, DDX370 Sony: MEX- GS610BT, MEX-N5100BT, MEX-GS8100BH, MEX-N6000BT, MEX-M70BT, MEX-M50BT, XNV-660BT, XNV-770BT, XAV-72BT, XAV-712HD, XAV-70BT, XAV-701HD, XAV-68BT, XAV-62BT, XAV-622, XAV-602BT, XAV-64BT, XAV-601BT, WX-GT90BT, MEX-N5000BT, MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT5000, MEX-BT5700U, MEX-BT4700U, MEX-BT4000P, MEX-BT4100P, MEX-BT39UW, MEX-BT3900U, MEX-BT3800U, MEX-BT38UW, MEX-BT3700U, MEX-BT3100P, MEX-BT31, MEX-BT3000P, MEX-BT2900 Alpine: INA-W910, INE-NAV40, INE-S920HD, INE-W927HD, INE-W940, INE-W957HD, INE-Z928HD, IVE-W535HD, IVE-W555BT, UTE-42BT, UTE-52BT, CDE-W265BT,


  • Adopting electret condenser cartridge with high sensitivity , low impedance , anti noise and ant jamming capability ,
  • Aftermarket microphone works with most car radios with 3.5mm Mic input.
  • With fast and accurate data transmission, which could guarantee the voice clearly and stably under kinds driving occasions,
  • Includes Dash Mount & Visor Clip.
  • Wire Length 3 M (9 Feet)

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