Best Data Backup Apps for Android

September 16, 2013

The simplest of things, like misplacing your Android device or a toilet bowl mishaps, are all it’s going to take for you to appreciate the data you have lost. Think college research reports or your coding sheet which took three weeks to finish. Like many people are backing up the data in their computers, mobile apps and data is also worth the effort it requires to backup a plethora of data. Thankfully the Google Play store offers numerous data backup solutions. Here are a few suggestions that we think are the best available on the store for Android devices:

 Data Backup apps

G Cloud Backup

GCloud Backup app can be used on any Android device but it allows the use of just one appliance that can be associated with your account. When it starts operating on a device, the app gives the user the option of restoring data from a previous backup or starting afresh. If the first option is chosen, the GCloud app is going to store existing data on the device as well as restore previous data.

Super Backup

This app is popular because of its simplicity. It does not complicate things by picking up data from different sources in the device but allows the user to backup text messages, call logs and web browsing bookmarks. The app allows the user to choose the intervals at which a data backup can be scheduled. The data that the app stores can also be sent to the user’s Gmail account ensuring additional back-up. Data in the device can also be moved manually to the backup app whenever the user wants. The free version of Super Backup comes with a whole lot of advertisements but an upgrade to a paid version is going to deal with this problem.


Carbon offers backing up the data in your Android device, without rooting it. It is designed for those who do not want to be hassled by rooting their device. Carbon is also a data app that keeps the data backup very objective. If you are looking for a more comprehensive option to backup data, Carbon is not for you. It can create a backup of text messages, call logs and your text message dictionary.

Titanium Backup

Titanium was once considered the best data backup app for Android phones. This was probably because Titanium didn’t have many competitors. However, the app has fallen from its previous status now that the Google Play Store offers several data backup apps. Titanium fails to impress the users because of the relic of an interface that it sports and its over-basic free version.

It was, nonetheless, once considered the best and has managed to survive through the years. It is pretty basic but can be a great backup solution. It backs up apps and app data instantaneously and requires a rooted device.

My Backup Pro

Currently My Backup Pro flaunts its position as the number one app for creating a data backup for an Android device. It restores, manages and creates a backup of data in a jiffy. As soon as it gets downloaded, the user starts operating it. The app provides a PIN and a password to access the stored data.

One has to remember that no data backup app is immune to spy applications for android, so with data backup stocking up on a few security apps would be a good idea.

Users will have a lot of different points in mind when picking the right kind of data backup app, however, each person’s requirements are different. Some of you might be able to get by with just a single app while others would feel at ease using a variation of different apps. One must remember the purpose that they need the app for!

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