BEM Wireless Mini Mobile HL-2508B

December 12, 2015
BEM Wireless Mini Mobile HL-2508B

The bem wireless Mini Mobile Speaker lets you hear what you want, when and where you want, without the old limits of space, time (pair & play in moments), appearances (three cool or cute colors), cost, or size. It has incredible audio / bass response! Sound good? Why yes, actually, it sounds great. Rich, precision-tunedkinda hard to believe, for something so conveniently connected, via Bluetooth, with your smart phone, iPod, tablet, etc. Product Specifications: About 3hours of battery life Aux in for optional wire connection Passive speaker for incredible bass response Incredible audio / bass response Compact, slightly larger than a golf ball Play / pause and volume control buttons Charges via micro USB port (cord and adapter included) 25 ft of working wireless range

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