Android Device Manager For Tracking Your Lost and Stolen Android Phones

September 14, 2013

Google finally launched Android Device Manager allow you to locate your phone or tablet if it happens to go missing. Android Device Manager is compatible with any devices running Android 2.2 or higher which means that 99% Android devices can install it.

Android Device Manager For Tracking Your Lost and Stolen Android Phones

Once Android Device Manager installed, your can free to leave it at home, office, at the party or in the pocket of the pants, and make sure to locate it before the battery runs out of unless you might to be lost your phone or tablet.

With launching Android Device Manger, now you have a powerful tool to protect your phone and important it is free application and very easily to use. Clearly, the launching Android Device Manager is rather late, but extremely worthwhile from Google. Which means you are not worried about losing Android Device .Some best functions of this app you can review:

  • Free application
  • Using for Android 2.2 system or higher.
  • Simple to operate
  • Tracking easily your Android phones or tablets.
  • Wipe data and ring signal when you lost Android device

How To Use Android Device Manager

Similar to Find My Phone of  iOS, Windows Phone or My Xperia of Sony. All you need to do is just access website: , you’ve done everything you need to do when it comes to tracking your phone. No need to install any app on the Android device, as long as you can log in to this website with the same Google account on your Android device. Wait a moment, the exact location will appear on Google Maps. You can see the updates of the latest positions and addresses of devices are appearing, accuracy.



In addition, you are also allowed to issue commands for Android devices to enable ring function on and start ringing your phone at max volume for 5 minutes help you find location your phone easily or completely erase data if it happens to stole. If you use multiple devices at the same time, you can also find the location of each one, just you have logged in to your Google account on a computer.


Android Device Manager


That’s all for Google’s products, best functions for a free application. In future, I hope Google will add some useful extra fetures. And you can comment below if you used Android Device Manager, please let me know and I will help with my capability

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