Android Apps for Web Hosting

December 7, 2013

If you are web designer, application developer, blogger or simply a server administration, you would come in a category of web hosting geeks. Web hosting geeks are always looking for amazing and effective android apps that can make their designing, developing and server management task easier. Here is the list of top Android apps for web hosting geeks that you might want to consider:

Did you think FTP is dead? Well, give it another thought because FTP is still in fashion and this little app will give you just everything that you need to manage files on your server. With the help of this app you can upload and download files from your serves in fast and smooth manner. The best part is that it supports all major protocols for secure file transfers.

Magic Color Picker
It is always a challenge to choose the right color and we all know how important role colors play in determining the failure and success of a website. If your senses are not much playful in this regard, this amazing app can help you pick the right color from a variety of palette and slider section.

HTML and CSS Cheat Sheet
Even though they both are different apps, but using them together can be more beneficial for you. They help you remember HTML and CSS tags. You not need to check your laptop over and over again, or refer to your reference guide; you will have all required information right at your palm. These include: tags, attributes, colors, symbols and more.

Who said you can only fix the broken codes while sitting on your desk? How about taking a sip of coffee in your office’s balcony and fix your codes simultaneously? Well, SilverEdit lets you do that literally. With this app you can edit CSS, XML, TXT, HTML and PHP documents. Carry your code with you and transfer whenever you need it.

Server Density
System administrations might seem a lot easier, but it actually requires the person to be alert and attentive all the time. With Server Density, it is easy to keep the track of server’s memory usage, load average and processes. It also gives notifications for better analysis.

Network Ping (free)
Network Ping is best suitable for server tests jobs. This free of cost application gives you live ping results from your chosen address.

Are you looking for a fully functional Secure Shell client? ConnectBot is the answer to your search. If you wish to access your server while travelling, this is the app for you. It supports simultaneous tunneling and sessions.

bMonitor Server Monitor
It has been said over and over again that the web server should be monitored 24*7 to ensure smooth functioning of the website. This Server monitor app keeps track of basic services on the website you want. As soon as your web server will go down, this app will instantly notify you on your handheld device.

Google Analytics for Android
Google Analytics for Android is designed to let users examine every aspect of website’s traffic. If your sole focus is to monetize your website, this app should definitely make a place in your Android gadget.

Adobe Photoshop Express for Android
Every photo needs a little bit of touch-ups. Now it is easier to give that extra boost to all your photos or images on the road with this amazing app by Adobe. You can crop, resize, adjust or even flip pictures as per your preferences before uploading.

So what are you waiting for? Download all these amazing Android apps for web hosting in your phone and save yourself a plenty of time and efforts. Take a quick browse, and share whatever you want in just a few clicks.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Technology & SEO. She recommends CHEAP WEB HOSTING FINDER for providing best InMotion web hosting review and services.

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