10 Simple Tips for Effective Mobile SEO

October 25, 2013

Creating your website is just first step, an important one of course but once you have your website you want it to perform for you.

This is when the importance of planning your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices becomes really fundamental in continuing to promote your website on the web. When you plan your SEO remember that it is an on-going part of your website and just because you see great results straight away this does not mean that you stop with developing your website and securing its place on the first pages of the major search engines. Previously browsers searched for results on their main pc but now a majority of searches are using their mobile devices to find their results. Make sure that you develop a successful SEO program for mobile devices that will make sure that you are completely search engine friendly and you get ahead of your competition.

So where to start? Well, I hope the following main tips for effective mobile SEO will help you plan and implement a successful plan for you.

Understanding how Mobile searches browse
Search using mobile devices tend to simplify or abbreviate their required search request. Understanding this point alone will make sure you are attracting mobile device traffic. Mobile traffic tends to rely on Googles Auto complete system. They may type first couple of letters and see what Google suggests so it is really important to plan for this by adjusting your Meta titles and descriptions to allow for these shorter tail queries.

Engage with entertainment
This may sound awkward and very simplified but it really is a good way to appeal to the mobile device user. With mobile users often connected to their devices throughout the day it is important that you include in your mobile friendly site links to your social media. This will give your website increased traffic and exposure and using engaging content that can be shared will get your website recognition.

Directing your Mobile viewers
When you are working on your mobile SEO remember to make sure that your optimized web pages are the same destination for both user agents and mobile users. This really helps make sure that search engine bots are all going to the same landing page. To simplify this why not has a landing page that gives your viewers the chance to view the mobile version of the site or the web site version. This also makes it easy to study any analytics you are using.

Make it Mobile Friendly
Even some of the largest of companies can make the error of not providing easy to click or select features for their mobile users. Make it easy by providing easy to click or select options and even having a vertical menu for mobile users makes it more user friendly for the mobile device user.

Best fit
A bit like point 4 this point really concentrates on making a visit to your mobile site more user friendly. Remember that your mobile site shouldn’t just be a shrunken version of your website. Some of the best mobile websites on the web use a clear layout that doesn’t just duplicate their website.

Give Mobile Device users the Options
Good mobile-friendly sites make sure that a link to the main site is available regardless of what page the mobile device user lands on. This gives the user the chance to choose which version of your site they want to view.

The People behind the site
Mobile device users like to know that there are people behind the site. Sounds obvious, but a lot of mobile device users may not have the time to get all the information they require from your mobile site. Having the facility to Click to Call is the perfect way to increase customer enquiries and potential sales.

Careful with Rich Content
Whilst it is visually satisfying to have pictures and rich content these may not be practical for mobile device users. Having large amounts of rich content will mean that it may take time to download your mobile site. Keep it simple and display sharable content that is visually pleasing without slowing your site download time.

Choice between Apps or Mobile Friendly
Carefully consider whether a mobile app is going to be the right choice for you. Whilst many companies find having a mobile app it is not essential for all businesses. A mobile app is ideal if you have visitors that need to login for specific information or services but for visitors looking for information on products and social interaction then it is likely that you will be looking at mobile friendly rather than an app.

Get searched
Getting search engines to visit your site is an important stage in increasing your mobile SEO. Search engine mobile bots understand that you may have a mobile version of your site rather than a duplicate so make sure that your direct content crawlers via setting the user agent to the same mobile version. This can avoid penalties and content issues and also helps you to keep track of visitors.

I hope that these tips for effective mobile SEO helps you and your company achieves success for mobile device users. Continued work on your SEO will keep you ahead whilst using the best practices for your visitors.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Technology. She recommends submitcore.com for providing best Guest Posting Services.

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